Variantz XPAND Partner Network

Partner investment and incentive programs that support your efforts and reward your success

New year. New opportunities. 

Variantz Xpand partner investment and incentive programs are designed to power the technical and workplace innovations partners need to expand their businesses. That’s why our program updates for fiscal year 2020 (FY20), starting July 1, focus on four priorities:


  1. Facilitating partner growth 

    • We are adjusting our programs to better align to partners’ unique business objectives.

  2. Focusing on customer adds 

    • Our programs will continue to emphasize customer adds across solution areas.

  3. Accelerating utilization 

    • Our financial incentives for use and consumption are increasing in several programs.

  4. Prioritizing customer retention 

    • We want to reward partners who provide ongoing customer value, so we’re focusing on renewals and reducing churn.


Designed to help you grow

Whether you’re driving consumption or finding new customers, we have incentives that support and reward your success. Learn more about partner investment and incentive programs on the Variantz Xpand partner website.





The NeX Alliance & Partnership Program ('NEX') is a network of strategic collaborations that create new avenues for demonstrating and delivering the ecosystem value of IoT, AI, Robotics, while adopting the Variantz solutions. Together, we align our go-to-market initiatives and center those activities on advocating, integrating, and solving our collective customers’ everyday challenges.

Your uniqueness deserves recognition


Our value-based program differentiates your company through our products and services. The NeX three-pillar framework enables, rewards, and supports you based on your objectives, values, go-to-market engagement model and investment with Variantz NeX. The Program benefits and requirements are tailored to support your unique value proposition, making your organization stand out with meaning and relevance.

Together, let us drive Value Based Outcome for broader market coverage.  Armed with technology know-how and deep subject matter knowledge, this is the time to change, the time to be the NeX.

NeX Alliance & Partnership 3-Pillar Framework

Knowledge Sharing

Reaching out and collaborate with interest groups, advocates, organizers to share topics of interest in IoT, AI, Robotics, etc.

Ahead of Compliance

Working with authoritative / governing bodies and decision makers towards a harmonized, sustainable development.

Growing Client-Base

Achieve success by teaming up to identify opportunities and win deals together.

Take on the transformation and grow your success with the Variantz XPAND Partnership

This is an exciting opportunity to expand your business with Variantz solutions.  Designed to enable you to pursue higher growth in your business by offering revenue and profitability opportunities, this multi-tiered program offers different level of attractive benefits.

Leading with cutting-edge Variantz solutions

Get connected with Variantz's solutions and expand your portfolio and customers.  Variantz offers a diverse range of products, applications, solutions, and services that enables customer of all types to connect/converge, engage, and collaborate in a seamless, secured experience.  We make sure all our solutions are designed to meet different customers' requirements.  Variantz solutions empower your customers to utilize resource efficiently with the support of Variantz Mimiko AI options.

Differentiate your business with Variantz solutions.

Value Proposition to XPAND with Variantz

  • Proven innovative products and solutions

  • Mutual growth and profitability

  • Variantz Certified Technical Training Support

  • Special Demo Pricing and Marketing Programs

  • Dedicated Partner Team to drive partner and customer success

  • Participation in Variantz events for lead generation

  • Use of Logos for branding as Variantz Partner

Variantz NeX XPAND Partner Advantage
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