Predictive Maintenance with IoT

IoT sensors are able to detect whether there’s something going wrong with a machine or use machine learning to make a prediction, and our system would plan maintenance automatically. Thus, you can prevent equipment from breaking down in the first place, enabling you to minimize the cost of maintenance.


Use Cases:

  • Real-time monitoring

    • Products can be measured and monitored in real-time, giving a clear and accurate picture of their performance – and identifying any issues with their performance in good time.

  • Preventative maintenance

    • Instead of arbitrarily servicing products at fixed periods, IoT allows problems to be identified before they become major issues, saving on repair bills and increasing the lifespan of your products.

  • Remote Diagnosis

    • Where problems do occur, they can often be diagnosed remotely, saving customer callout fees.

  • Ensure Workplace Safety

    • Predictive maintenance has a direct impact on worker safety. Equipment that isn't properly maintained or machines that are prone to malfunction without warning pose a severe risk to the health and safety of manufacturing workers.



  • Predicting and Preventing Hardware Failures

  • Optimizing Maintenance Routines

  • Strengthening Workplace Safety