IoT-Driven Digital Asset Management

With the help of Variantz, manufacturers can outflank the problems bound to the manual methods and gain real-time visibility into their inventory. Users are able to visualize the real-time updates about inventory items’ movements using a smartphone or a laptop from anywhere.


Use Cases

  • Automation of Inventory Tracking and Reporting

    • With Variantz Smart Asset & Inventory, users don’t need to spend time on manual tracking and reporting. Each item is tracked in real time and the data about it is recorded and analyzed automatically. IoT-enabled asset tracking and reporting save up to 18 hours of working time per month and reduces the probability of human error.

  • Constant Visibility into the inventory items’ quantity, location and movements

    • We provide manufacturers with precise visibility into the flow of raw materials and components, work-in-progress and finished goods by recording real-time updates about the status, location, and movement of the items, so that inventory managers see when an individual inventory item enters or leaves a particular location.

  • Inventory optimization

    • The better inventory managers know their stock, the more likely they are to arrange properly. With our real-time inventory data about the quantity and the location of items, manufacturers can lower the amount of inventory on hand while meeting the needs of the customers at the end of the supply chain.

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Variantz is a leading Intelligent Smart Connected Internet of Things (IoT) Application Ecosystem Platform.  We enable People, Business, Society worldwide adopt best available technologies through:

  • Variantz NEX Ecommerce Marketplace - A fresh innovative approach to Online Immersive Digital Electronic Shopping

  • Variantz Neurawerx - A full-fledged Intelligent Smart Connected Internet of Things (IoT) Application Ecosystem Platform

  • Variantz Forexcite - A Professional Services practices providing research, consulting, advisory, education, and training on digital transformation, data-driven business operations


Variantz NEX Ecommerce Marketplace offers a wide range of electronic products, giving you impeccable access to best-in-class products worldwide.

We welcome affiliates, sellers, partners.  If you have expertise in specific categories of electronics, we welcome you to place your products with us.


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Variantz offers a growing full-fledged Intelligent Smart Connected Internet of Things (IoT) Application Ecosystem Platform designed to Synergize Technology Environment People.

Designed from ground up and co-created with experts, thought leaders, and our future generations, these applications, solutions, and services are built to be secure, modular, scalable, seamless, glocalized, relevant, and sustainable.


Variantz ecosystem of solutions caters to consumers, organizations, businesses, commercials, industries, enterprises, and government public sectors.

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