Variantz for Commercial and Industrial

Variantz Business Solutions specializes on Digital Business Transformation (DX) through the adoption of Smart-Connected IoT, achieving strategic benefits that surpass competitors via revenue growth, reducing expenses, improved operations, better customer experiences (CX), available in modular, scalable, and ready-to-use.

Technology is disrupting the way we work. Optimizing enterprise productivity and efficiency are critical.


As the business landscape gets more competitive, companies are starting to synergize workforce environments with technology platforms designed to maximize space, improve operations, and empower employees to do their jobs more effectively. Where most enterprise real estate solutions stop at traditional hardware connectivity, Variantz takes ‘smart and connected’ a step further.


Variantz transforms your office and manufacturing facilities.  Deploy the Variantz Premiz Platform on enterprise cloud, on-premise, or managed cloud. Variantz provides maximum flexibility based on your organization’s needs and requirements.


Variantz is the leading smart enterprise cloud-based platform solution that combines application-centric solutions with large-scale analytics, integration, and collaboration tools to make workplaces more relevant, flexible, and dynamic than ever before. The unique platform addresses four different business areas, all of which combine to create an optimized work environment that yields success.  Our current and upcoming specializations include:

Smart Office & Workspace

Smart Retail & Hospitality

Smart Healthcare & Wellbeing

Digital Transformation (Business/Industrial 4.0)

IoT Agribusiness & Plantations​

Shopping Malls & Convention Centers

Customers are best served when they are comfortable in their environments. Facilities understand that optimizing the customer experience is fundamental to success.

We also work at the commercial level so that you can give customers a compelling, valuable experience. Variantz Commercial redefines space through smart technologies.

C-Level Officer

  • Recruit and retain top-notch staff

  • Create operational efficiencies to lower costs

  • Enhance employee productivity

  • Reduce capital expense through system integration

  • Understand employee behaviors and trends

IT/OT Leaders

  • Simplify deployment using open standards

  • Boost security and access


  • Provide robust data back-up

  • Reduce IT overhead through facility-wide integration

  • Increase timeliness through the use of digital automation


  • Boost mobility regardless of their role


  • Drive personalized work/life experiences

  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively


  • Access adaptive training and support


  • Thrive in healthier physical environments

Facility Managers

  • Optimize space and resource utilization


  • Lower energy costs


  • Reduce waste

  • Rationalize facility assets


  • Predict and adopt to changing practices


  • Get the comfort, refuge, and productivity they need

  • Create seamless, personalized experience


  • Reduce unplanned interruptions


  • Increase access to staff and service


  • Navigate easily through your venue

Cross-Functional Operations

  • Collaborate with conglomerates of other industries effectively

  • Create alliances and new business opportunities

  • Reduce inefficiencies and expend your time and financial resources on more productive tasks