This is CareSense: Elder & SilverCare

Q Lite for an easy, all-in-one solution to eldercare.

The Q’s features allow you to monitor and communicate with an elder to ensure he or she is in a healthy condition and is safe. 

  • CAMERA - check on the elder through an app with live 24/7 footage streaming

  • MICROPHONE - listen to see if the elder is in distress or requires assistance

  • SPEAKER - talk to the elder through the Q by using the Variantz app

  • TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY  - Monitor temperature and humidity conditions to make sure the elder is comfortable

  • MOTION DETECTION -  makes sure the elder is in the room safely without any intruders

  • RECORDING - configure the Q so that footage is recorded and stored any time a certain condition is met, such as when sound levels are detected to be above normal

  • [Pending] ALARM - set timed alarms to serve as reminders to take medications

  • [Pending] APP, Data Report - last 30 days, data log on temperature, humidity, and brightness to better personalize the elder’s preferences


CHALLENGE: Hired help for eldercare can be costly and not entirely dependable. Caretakers are expensive, have the potential to make mistakes, and are unlikely to be with the elder at all hours.




Geriatrics Departments

& Elder Hospitals

for elders with more extreme conditions ex. Alzheimer’s,

Dementia, etc.

Care Centers
Homes with family caretakers
Retirement Homes
Hostel with Hospice Service

a community for elders with less life-obstructing conditions and lead life relatively normally


  • Taking care of elders is less burdensome because of the possibility to check up on them and communicate with them at any time.

  • Elders that aren’t tech savvy can easily use the Q.

  • The Q lets loved ones experience a closeness with elders who are far away or who don’t live at home.

  • Real-time video footage allows for ease of mind concerning the safety of an elder.



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  • Door Sensors

  • Window Sensors

  • Smart Air Conditioning

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