AT present moment, people are using innovative smart devices to help them in their everyday living or working with mega machines that decide on how products are manufactured in an industrial facility.  Variantz is working with device makers to bring together a seamless user experience.  More than that, we are in a pursuit to bring to the world an application-defined Internet of Things (IoT) experience, creating a robust, scalable, relevant, and sustainable environment that realizes the value-chain of the Internet of Things and its unprecedented impact regardless of people, environment, and technology.  At Variantz, we create Smart Connected IoT-enabled Solutions with advanced deeptech features.  

 Putting the Internet of Things together with Variantz 

Drone Batteries

Device & Connectivity

Embark on the Internet of Things (IoT) with the adoption of innovative devices.  Variantz provides best-in-class standards and regulation-compliant products suitable for the consumer to commercial or industrial use across the  world.

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Data & Application

The true value of the Internet of Things (IoT) starts with the data and how application services are made relevant to the end-user. Variantz applications solutions and platforms demonstrate how IoT brings you daily effectiveness.

Consulting & Advisory

We understand not everyone uses IoT the same across the board.  Variantz Subject Matter Experts possess competencies necessary to deliver comprehensive fit-for-purpose transformation initiatives that are relevant and sustainable.

 Variantz Smart-Connected IoT Applications 

 News & Updates 

Increase productivity and operational efficiencies.

From security management to meeting room automation, connect any device to control with voice, gesture or smartphone. It can be installed in new commercial development or into any office space.

Being continuously engaging the customers with positive interaction and experiences are critical to driving market growth.


Variantz works with retail and hospitality businesses to address engagement opportunity that either improves customer satisfaction through operational responsiveness or through sensor-based anticipating customer demand.

With Smart-Connected IoT solutions, buildings and factories can be more dynamic, complimenting the occupant demands while intelligently keeping resource and utilities to a minimum.


Variantz works in tandem with the building and factory management to ensure outcomes are delivered in a practical and progressive manner.

An IoT Application Platform catered to the world of residential smart-connected living. Designed for home owners, residents, developers, operators, and much more.

With fit-for-purpose smart health devices, you can have a single-view on the insights, solutions, and services that improve your state of health. Also brings together personalized and contextual information that helps your life.

The talk of the town, ranging from smart light bulbs to smart speakers, these are all fancy gadgets that gets everyone on board the smart home.

​Fun and novel as they are, all smart homes require a unified manner to converge all technologies together and perform with great intelligence.  Variantz is the keystone that brings all things into one. 


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