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Headquartered in Singapore, Variantz is an emerging Property Tech startup providing Intelligent Application & Services Platform Ecosystem for Smart+Connected (IoT) Residential, Commercial, and Enterprise Property Estates. This scalable foundation platform will incorporate modular solutions, e.g: healthcare, energy, waste, AR/VR.


We Connect-Engage-Collaborate homeowners, residents, property developers/management, government, merchants via end-to-end online-to-offline fulfillment that is predictive, unified, secured, localized and personalized.

Variantz’s business model is based on three core businesses: NeuraXoft, CogniVerse, Novapop. NeuraXoft focuses on the development and sales of perpetual and subscription-based IoT-centric software & applications. CogniVerse specializes in the development and sales of standards-based embedded IoT, mechatronics, and systems integration.  Novapop takes lead in the sale of smart, novel, innovative and sustainable products through partnership with principal vendors/manufacturers.

Variantz's vision is to build globally recognized brands and solutions by instilling a Synergized-Technology-Environment-People (STEP) approach towards sustainable innovation and enhancing both the physical and digital experience.

Investor Relations

Variantz is a bootstrap startup solely funded by its Founder.  While the name was identified in 2010, it was not until December 2016 that we went ahead to kickstart our operations and released our closed-beta product - Reziden, with more products and solutions to launch in the coming months.

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Variantz is a leading Intelligent Smart Connected Internet of Things (IoT) Application Ecosystem Platform.  We enable People, Business, Society worldwide adopt best available technologies through:

  • Variantz NEX Ecommerce Marketplace - A fresh innovative approach to Online Immersive Digital Electronic Shopping

  • Variantz Neurawerx - A full-fledged Intelligent Smart Connected Internet of Things (IoT) Application Ecosystem Platform

  • Variantz Forexcite - A Professional Services practices providing research, consulting, advisory, education, and training on digital transformation, data-driven business operations


Variantz NEX Ecommerce Marketplace offers a wide range of electronic products, giving you impeccable access to best-in-class products worldwide.

We welcome affiliates, sellers, partners.  If you have expertise in specific categories of electronics, we welcome you to place your products with us.


If you want to BROADCAST LIVE STREAM your technology expertise and products or pursue any collaboration opportunities, please email us at

Click on SHOP HERE to start your amazing journey into the world of technology and electronics.


Variantz offers a growing full-fledged Intelligent Smart Connected Internet of Things (IoT) Application Ecosystem Platform designed to Synergize Technology Environment People.

Designed from ground up and co-created with experts, thought leaders, and our future generations, these applications, solutions, and services are built to be secure, modular, scalable, seamless, glocalized, relevant, and sustainable.


Variantz ecosystem of solutions caters to consumers, organizations, businesses, commercials, industries, enterprises, and government public sectors.

For more information, please email to


Variantz, together with its operating infrastructure services are:

Head Office
Variantz Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
1 Marne Road #01-35
The Citron
Singapore 208380
Phone: +65 6491 1138/1139  |  +65 8288 2399

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