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Through The Complexity...

Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as the one of the key technologies underpinning most of our economic activity and social being.

It bridges physical objects to the digital world, enables people to collect massive volumes of data from these objects through sensors and allow them to be used for various applications that derives benefit or value for the users. This is where it can get really complex when we start defining the desired outcome of the IoT solutions and the multiple considerations and challenges (both physical and virtual) when deploying IoT Solutions. For example, increased productivity through monitoring on the factory floor often means reduced costs from reduced need for manual labor or privacy concerns for the workers.

Designing IoT Solutions


Systems Thinking + Design Thinking

Developing solutions is a constant balancing act. By applying design methodologies (systems thinking and design thinking), we are able to develop solutions that are not only inclusive but also value-add to the multiple stakeholders involved, from your customers to your employees. This is where true innovation happens and enables you to solve the gaps and challenges in IoT architecture, verticals and various related domains of endeavour. System Thinking + Design Thinking will help you identify, innovate, assess and deliver the right product/service and strengthen your return on investment of your IoT solution.

At VARIANTZ, we will be taking you through a 4-stage design journey to ensure that your IoT solutions is tailored to your needs and you can be sure the outcome may surprise you with even more...

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