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NEX Membership
Rewards Program

Rewards Await Those Who Turns To Smart Intelligent Lifestyle

Welcome to the Future

Welcome to a world where innovation knows no bounds. Variantz NEX Access Membership Rewards Program is your golden key to a future where your every desire for connected intelligence is fulfilled. This program is exclusively tailored for forward-thinkers, tech enthusiasts, and those who crave not just cutting-edge technology but also the luxury of time – time to focus on what truly matters in life. If you're someone who aspires to stay ahead of the curve, this is your invitation to join us on this elite journey.

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Membership Benefits Across Tiers

NEX Ascend - Embrace the Potential

  • For the curious souls who want to dive into the realm of AIoT.

  • Be the first to experience groundbreaking product launches, saving you time in discovering the latest innovations.

  • Join exclusive webinars led by AIoT experts, gaining knowledge that boosts your productivity.

  • Receive personalized product recommendations, streamlining your choices and saving you precious time.

  • Access our members-only digital library for in-depth insights, empowering you to make informed decisions.

  • Enjoy special trade-in deals, ensuring you always have the most productive tools at your fingertips.

  • Immerse yourself in monthly themed webinars, saving time by learning from the best.

  • Stay updated with the latest tech insights through our quarterly newsletter, giving you an edge.

  • Earn NEX Points with every interaction, which can be redeemed for extraordinary experiences and more time for the things you love.

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NEX Elite - Elevate Your Experience

  • For those who demand a lifestyle enriched by cutting-edge technology and precious time.

  • Experience a level of exclusivity that comes with access to our networking events, where valuable connections are made.

  • Gain priority registration for masterclasses led by luminaries, saving you time in accessing exclusive knowledge.

  • Collaborate directly with our R&D team on co-creation projects, transforming your ideas into reality efficiently.

  • Rest easy with 24/7 access to our AIoT helpline for troubleshooting, saving you time in problem-solving.

  • Enjoy enhanced NEX Points boosts, accelerating your journey towards premium rewards and more leisure.

  • Receive VIP invitations to Variantz events, where you'll mingle with like-minded innovators and expand your network.

  • Use your accumulated NEX Points to unlock premium rewards that grant you more free time and unique experiences.

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NEX Ultima - Where Dreams Converge

  • For the visionaries who demand nothing but the best in technology, luxury, and an abundance of time.

  • Gain entry to the most exclusive gatherings, including the private AIoT Strategy Summit, where groundbreaking strategies are revealed.

  • Participate in prototype testing and provide valuable feedback to shape future innovations, ensuring your time is invested in innovations that matter.

  • Immerse yourself in bi-annual AIoT Deep Dive Retreats, where cutting-edge technology meets luxury, and you gain the gift of time well spent.

  • Be the first to glimpse our AIoT roadmap during VIP previews, allowing you to plan your future with precision.

  • Experience the ultimate in personalized service with AIoT concierge assistance, giving you back the time you deserve.

  • Collaborate on exclusive projects with our innovation team, leaving your mark on the future and freeing up your time for what truly inspires you.

  • Accumulate NEX Points for the ultimate rewards that money can't buy – experiences that enrich your life and grant you more time to cherish them.

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Membership Sign-Up

Ready to embark on this unparalleled journey of connected intelligence and enhanced living? Here's how:

  1. We will be rolling out the digital membership application form.

  2. Once approved, you'll step into a world where innovation meets luxury, and time becomes your most valuable asset.


Join Variantz NEX Access Membership Rewards Program today and redefine your future with connected intelligence and the luxury of time well spent.

For inquiries and more information about Variantz NEX Access Membership Rewards Program, our team is here to assist you:​

Elevate Your Journey with Variantz NEX Access Membership Rewards Program

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