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Why Your Next Investment Should be in a Smart Watch

Most people either wear traditional watches as a fashion accessory or because it’s functional. A great watch really does pop in a person’s appearance, however, most if not all traditional watches simply carry their price tag based on looks alone. What if you could still retain the fashion accessory but with increased functionality. In case you haven’t heard, smart watches are here, and they are here to stay. You’re probably asking yourself, why would I buy a smart watch? How could it really help me? Most people would think it’s just a luxury item, and you’re not wrong. The simplest way to put it, you don’t necessarily NEED a smart watch… but after reading this blog you will understand why you would really want one. They are indeed an investment into luxury, but most importantly, convenience. Find out if a smart watch is right for your lifestyle.

We’ve written down our top 6 reasons why your next investment should be in a smart watch.

1. Personal Fitness Tracker

Aside from being a pedometer (measuring your steps/distance you travel), most smart watches are your personal fitness pals. They can track your activity, nutrition, and calories burned. Some can even measure your blood pressure and monitor your heart rate. With all things considered, smart watches really do help in promoting a healthier lifestyle. It goes a long way knowing that our efforts at the gym, at home, or wherever we workout, are being recorded so that we can easily keep track of our progress. We can never say no to a little added motivation and especially when trying to reach our fitness goals.

2. Quick access to notifications

Another essential function of a smartwatch, and quite likely might be the most convenient, is to show notifications from the user’s smartphone. These include everything from messages, emails, calendar alerts, reminders, social media posts, news alerts, and so much more. There’s absolutely no need to take out your phone from your pocket or bag. We’ve all had the urge to constantly check our phones whenever we feel that buzz or hear that tone, but with a simple flick of the wrist, you can easily read your notification and decide whether or not want to take further action or just ignore it. With the amount of notifications you might get on your phone, you manage to stay connected with your smart watch and save yourself some pretty valuable time.

3. Reply to Messages & Receive Calls Instantly

Picture this, you’re at the gym, your phone is in your bag placed to the side, and you hear it ringing. You’re in the middle of your workout and your first thought is, do I need to take this call? With a smart watch, you can make that decision in less than a second. You can take the call right there on your watch, you can send a quick message reply to tell the person to call you later. Pretty sure everything your phone can do right there on your wrist. The need to constantly grab the phone is eliminated. We’ve all had our phones charging somewhere not directly close to us when we hear an incoming phone call or message come through, well, think back to when that last happened (because it probably isn’t that long ago) and imagine you had the convenience of a smart watch to instantly answer that call or reply to that message with no hassle. There are definitely times where just grabbing the phone makes more sense, but for the rest of the time that a quick affirmation message needs to be sent, or quick phone call needs to be made, that smart watch is your best friend.

4. Travel Buddy & Safe-keeper

If you have a smartphone, chances are the navigation feature is one of your most used applications. It’s so reassuring knowing that we can get easily directions to where we want to go from a few touches on a screen. Know, instead of constantly looking at a smartphone for those directions, wouldn’t it be more convenient to have your watch tell you where to go. Again, constantly taking your phone out of your pocket or even just holding it for awhile gets annoying over time. Keep your head up and enjoy the scenery instead of having your eyes doing double or even triple takes. Furthermore, making use of the GPS tracking technology and to give you even more reason to be reassured with a smart watch, how does a “Find Phone” feature sound? We all know how frustrating losing your phone can be. We slowly start to get frustrated, and frustration leads to being in all out panic mode. No problem, these worries can be a thing of the past thanks to a smart watch. Connect your phone or any device to your smart watch, and with the “Find Phone” feature, you’re able to locate it ring it whenever you want.

5. Entertainment Hub on your Wrist

You’re on your run, you want to quickly pause the music or change songs. You’re just one click away from doing that without even slowing down. A smart watch can be your portable entertainment hub. Need to watch a quick YouTube video on a DIY project or while you’re working on something, you now have another way of doing so. While it’s true your watch will not truly replace the bigger screen quality on your phone or laptop, but for those quick moments on the go, it comes in really handy.

6. Fashion Accessory

We’ve talked plenty about functionality, but what’s also important is how it looks. With the price in comes with, it’s only natural that you want to look good wearing it, right? Wearing a regular watch, it can get kind of boring seeing the same dial or watch face every day. We live in world where we constantly want to see the new and the better, and with your smart watch, you’re able to customize the watch face at any point. It will give you a new feel, allow you to match it with your outfit, or just simply match your mood. The modern slick design will be sure to get few good looks coming your way.

If you’re not yet convinced, take a moment to look at some of the smart watch options available here at Variantz. Read into the features and find out if they’re the right fit for you!

Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts, do smart watches offer enough conviction for you yet? Leave a comment below.

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