This is                for Smart Building

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Variantz Smart Building is an integrated building management solution that facilitates advanced automation and optimizes building operations and maintenance by integrating individual building systems. With the solution, it is possible for a city to have a complete overview of the energy consumption of all the buildings in the entire city, improve quality of power supply and achieve energy performance goals.


  • Make Surveillance Smart:  Prevent loss of critical assets with real-time monitoring through secure and reliable remote surveillance.By harnessing the power of IoT for security and surveillance solutions, Verizon IoT system enables building owners, organization managers, and security professionals to:

    • Manage and control surveillance devices remotely to monitor all aspects of a facility.

    • Make smarter decisions about the best course of action to take based on real-time security conditions.

    • Determine when there is a false alarm without having to physically inspect the location or unnecessarily dispatch law enforcement.

    • Collect and analyze data to make important improvements to security processes and systems.

  • Prevent loss of critical assets: Verizon’s smart safety solution is a safety management solution to prevent accidents and crimes that may occur in office buildings or factories by analyzing real-time collected data from IoT sensor.

    • Gain greater visibility over who enters and leaves a facility in real-time.

    • Consistently and securely monitor facility conditions from any location with Wi-Fi access.

    • Act quickly on important security alerts delivered right to their mobile device.



With less space available, increased utility costs, and higher occupancy expectations, facility managers are faced with increased pressure to more efficiently and effectively manage building systems and processes. 

  • Improve the Occupant Experience

    • Monitor and adjust building systems, such as HVAC or lighting, to match comfort levels.

    • Provide real-time security and surveillance services that enhance safety for all occupants.

    • Use predictive maintenance to avoid outages or significant downtime caused by maintenance issues.

  • Make smarter decisions about your facility

    • Reduce energy waste by optimizing building systems, such as utilities or HVAC systems, to match occupancy patterns.

    • Use intelligent sensors to detect temperature changes, water pressure variations, or other abnormalities and alert operational systems to take action before system damage occurs.

    • Alter energy usage in response to signals from energy suppliers to ensure the lowest possible costs.

    • Make better use of space. According to most estimates, office space is only used for 60% to 70% of the working day. When companies use digital signage in the workplace they can allocate space flexibly, according to actual need and demand. 

    • A smart lock on a meeting room door would automatically open when the organizer or a listed participant approaches at the meeting time. The system sends out automatic reminders to participants who are not yet present (detecting their mobile or their Bluetooth badge through a beacon).