This is                for Smart Factory

Variantz Smart Factory Solution provides real-time monitoring of all facilities in the factory and various smart services such as prediction of maintenance time, quality improvement, and accident prevention. It also helps you to create new business models based on data collected with the Variantz IoT Platform.


Monitors and forecasts to manage hazardous situations in factories and dangerous activities by workers

Deployed as an IoT-enabled platform, it provides comprehensive monitoring and reporting of safety in industrial facilities. The solution can be used to create a variety of services by leveraging advanced technologies, for example, indoor positioning technology with smart tags and APs.



Monitors factories’ energy consumption in real time

Energy efficiency management solution with data analytics tools A lot more than simple energy monitoring solution. With comprehensive forecasts of energy demand and supply, it takes energy management to a whole new level by enabling factory, building and smart grid operators to determine the strategic direction of energy management and achieve energy performance goals.


Monitors production status such as I/O details for raw materials and production details per process 

We provide a carrier-class end-to-end open IoT platform that enables you to drive productivity higher and occupy the market faster. The solution has a modular structure of Thing Platform, Data Platform and Service Platform so that they can be easily customized and expanded to meet market needs. It offers flexible, dynamic service configuration according to your business scale and legacy configuration.


Monitors machines remotely and schedules maintenance before downtime

Condition monitoring enables product quality control by detecting combinations of equipment health, such as spindle vibration frequency, engine temperature, cutting speed, and ambient parameters, such as temperature and humidity. Combined, these parameters can cause deterioration in the quality of a product output.


Real-time monitoring of factory product quality while backtracking factors affecting quality and analyzing their causes.


Makes prediction for replacement and notify customers purchase again or reship for subscribers automatically

When it comes to smart industrial manufacturing, you need a solution that provides both vertical and horizontal integration, making it easier for you to connect factory to enterprise. Our industrial IoT solutions are perfectly suited to all manufacturing verticals including automotive, pharmaceuticals, machinery, oil and gas, electrical power generation, water, and more.

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