This is                for Smart Office

Having an IoT-enabled office means much more than simply being able to manage its temperature or lighting through a smartphone. It means a safer, more efficient operations, and as a result, better return on investment.

  • Energy savings. By automatically adjusting the lighting and heating in your office, you can use your power resources more efficiently and cut back on waste.

  • Efficient business operations. Using IoT office devices streamlines or completely automates a number of tasks, allowing your employees to focus on the more important ones at hand.

  • Comfortable working environment. Having control over the temperature or humidity in the workplace directly from a smartphone enables your employees to tailor the office conditions to their preferences.

  • Better employee productivity. As a result of increased comfort, your employees will be more productive at work.

  • Increased workplace safety. A number of IoT office solutions such as security cameras, connected sensors, or access control systems, can help you make your office safer. Moreover, this can increase transparency while decreasing the likeliness of criminal activities or minor incidents among your employees.




Security cameras, smart locks, and various sensors are the most popular use cases for IoT in office spaces.In addition, you can eliminate the outdated pass system, replacing physical badges with digital ones. Thus, all you need is your smartphone with the installed app to clock in or out. The same applies to visitor management and access control.


Using IoT in the office can also make your business more energy efficient. Smart lighting solutions or automated window shades help you tailor the light intensity and color as well as cut back on waste. As soon as a sensor understands that there’s no one in the room, the lights will automatically turn off. Furthermore, you can put yourself in complete control over the efficiency and consumption of power in your office by installing complete energy management system.


We use data collected from sensors to create an optimal room temperature so everybody feels comfortable working. Plus, it saves energy, just like IoT lighting solutions.


IoT-enabled conference rooms present a wide variety of opportunities to simplify a number of tasks, including room occupancy 
management. Smart scheduling systems for meeting rooms can make the office life a lot easier, solving the problem of space management and coordination. You can even use our system to create a telepresence experience working remotely, not to mention various smart projectors and interactive boards.


Standing desks have become a common thing in the office. There is, however, more to expect from a desk. Next up – the desks will learn to understand people’s preferences and adjust to their needs automatically, helping employees become even more productive at work.

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