±0 Battery-free Handheld Mobile Scale

SKU: NCY-L2060

 CE & RoHS Certified 


Battery-free Technology Luggage Scale

Small but full of design


The handbag design not only make it easy to carry,but also combines the automatically power generation technology skillfully.


Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor system

Capacity: 50kg/d=50g


Power: Battery free

Power on function: Shake switch

Low power

Over-load indication

Auto zero resetting

Auto off

Scale size: 103.5 x 61 x 28mm

Box size: 130 x 82 x 30mm

N.W.: 4.1kg

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT): PCT/CN2016/075041
China Invention Patent: ZL 2010 1 0586139.0