±0 Battery-free Mobile Handheld Scale (Hook version)

SKU: NCY-L1900

 CE & RoHS Certified 


Rock it!!

Advanced power auto-generation system. Just what you need. Right when you need it.
Generate fun for your journey.

It can fit into just about any carry-on, trolley case, clutch or daypack.

Uniquely designed with coiled weaved belt or, with more powerful metal hook.


Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor system

Capacity: 50kg/d=50g


Battery-free technology

Low power / Over-load indication

Shake switch / Auto off

Scale size: 148 x 33 x 33mm

Color box size: 178 x 67 x 46mm

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT): PCT/CN2016/075041
China Invention Patent: ZL 2010 1 0586139.0