REMON 3D Smartphone Stereoscopic Lens

REMON 3D Smartphone Stereoscopic Lens


With a smartphone, film TRUE 3D images


REMON 3D is a 3D lens that can be mounted in front of any smartphone camera and filmed using just a smartphone, with a 78 degrees field of view (widest view among all product categories)


It has a unique lens that can capture TRUE 3D image. not pseudo 3D that converts the existing 2D image into 3D experience.  By capturing 3D image with our unique single lens through a single camera, we minimize the distortion of right and left screen.  It is characterized by lossless angle of view.   Most of all, it is compact, lightweight, durable, and portable.


Resolution: Full HD
I.O. DIstance: 50mm

Convergence Distance: 1,200mm

Angle of View: 78°

Ratio: 8:9

Dimension: 34.5mm X 83.0mm X 47.0mm
Weight: 47g with clip

  • Design & Made in Korea

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