SKEEPER Smart Heartbeat Stethoscope

SKEEPER Smart Heartbeat Stethoscope


Skeeper is the world's most innovative Smart Stethoscope. Designed and made in Korea, Skeeper is a smart bluetooth enabled device accessible through your smartphone. All you need to do is to download the app available in Android or iOS. Your Smart Home Cardiologist, Skeeper listens to your heart. Skeeper listens carefully to signals your heart sends with high technology and our know-how. Skeeper can check your heart conveniently and safely. Then, Skeeper can make your heart condition healthier and become your own Cardiologist.


  • Home Cardiologist that is safe and accurate as professional medical auscultator
  • Health service for everyone’s healthy heart at home - Information and service for all mothers 12 Healthy Functions: - Normal Auscultation - Pregnant Woman Auscultation - Fetal Auscultation - Pregnancy Healthcare Management - Customized Health Management - Auscultation Records Management - Heart Age - Mother Heartbeat - Stress Management - Exercise Recovery - Caffeine Sensitivity - Alcohol Sensitivity
  • 2 Apps That Suggest You Smart Solutions There are two apps which are SKEEPER Mama and SKEEPER Heart. SKEEPER Mama will keep pre-born and mother’s heart healthy. SKEEPER Heart will keep eveyone’s heart healthy. Meet SKEEPER more convenient with these two app.



  • Note: Variantz Asia Pacific is the Official Authorized Master Distributor of Skeeper for all ASEAN countries, India, and Australia.
  • Designed & Made in Korea

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