With the improvement of living standards, we often need to sterilize some daily-use items.  This product is a carrier with heating and disinfection function at the same time, using LED ultraviolet UV-C heating and disinfection techniques,  one-click with 3 minutes to sterilize quickly, sterilization rate reaches 99.9%, the product does not emit any radiation, protecting your health.


The utility model discloses a carrier with the function of simultaneously heating and sterilizing using LED deep ultraviolet light.  The bottom of carrier provides a visible window with a speaker, and a button plate is provided above the speaker.  The combination of two UVA lamp panels can achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization more quickly, and can be used at home by setting the DC5V/2A USB power connector, can be used for mobile power supply when going out, and can also be used in the car It can be used in a variety of scenes and is easy to carry.


  • Scope of application: Suitable for disinfecting the surface of underwear, underwear, baby clothes and other articles.
  • Safety protection: The product has a built-in magnetic induction switch. When the face cover is opened during disinfection, the disinfection will automatically stop.
  • Sterilization principle: The deep ultraviolet rays of the LED destroy the bacteria's DNA or RNA molecular structure, making the bacteria unable to reproduce and multiply, thereby achieving the purpose of disinfection.


Voice function description and indicator description

  • Power On / Standby: The beginning of the prompt: Welcome to use this disinfection bag. The indicator light is on.
  • Disinfection status: The beginning of the prompt: disinfection begins. The indicator flashes
  • Disinfection completed: Sound prompt: disinfection is complete. The indicator light is on
  • Dormant state: The indicator is off



  • CE Certified - EN 55014-1:2017, EN61000-3-2014, EN61000-3-3:2013, EN 55014-2:2015
  • FCC Certified - FCC Part 15 Class B
  • PSE Certified J55014
  • Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology, China National Assessment Service for Conformity Assessment - China
  • National Ministry of Intellectual Property - China

UV-C 16 LED Sterilizing Carrier with Voice Alert - Light Blue

S$90.00 Regular Price
S$67.00Sale Price
  • - Form Factor: Quartz Glass package 3.5x3.5x1.36mm

    - Spectrum: WP UVC 270-280nm

    - High optical output power

    - Long life and low light attenuation

    - Environmental protection, energy saving and high reliability

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