This is                HomeNet

for Smart Home

  • This site allows end users to conveniently control a variety of appliances in their smart home and estate.

  • Through Mimiko, an AI assistant, the end user receives information and updates on conditions in their homes, their health, their community, and even the marketplace.

  • From this, the user is able to easily take actions that allow for all around better living, including improved energy conservation and better health.

Through an IoT application platform, this site offers smart, connected solutions that deliver an improved experience of residence and community. 


Benefits to all parties of residential life


  • Residents can experience a more safe, comfortable, and seamless living experience.

  • Residents gain the ability to control all their devices.

  • Residents can program their preferences in terms of AC, lighting and more.

  • Residents can save through reduced energy costs.


  • Agents can manage their estates while fostering community.

  • Home owners have a platform to organize events and bookings of communal space.

  • Home owners have a platform to post community notices and updates.

  • Home owners can view and manage their different estates.


  • Developers have access to data regarding the living habits and energy usage of individuals and communities.

  • Developers can gain valuable insights through user data.


  • Staff will have an easier time accessing property and fulfilling requests

  • Time required and inconvenience to residents are lowered.

  • Maintenance staff are able to become more efficient with their services.

  • Maintenance can use data and insights to reduce costs.



Additional convergent solutions

Reziden combines many services into one seamless application. The convergence of accumulated data allows for countless integrations. Maintenance can decrease time spent and inconvenience to residents. Vendors can use data from smart homes to drive more sales. The possibilities of using the collected data to create and explore are endless. Beyond the smart home, there are countless connections to the outside world. At Variantz, we offer 3 solutions that naturally complement Reziden.


HealioT provides IoT solutions for health and wellbeing. Through HealioT, customers can assess their health condition, including BMI, Weight, Muscle Mass, and Heart Rate drawn from data across various smart health appliances. 


Premiz provides IoT solutions for the commercial sector. In particular, it provides businesses with smart-connected buildings and workspaces, connecting IoT products to our secure platform to strengthen access, engagement, collaboration, safety, resource and environment. In addition, Premiz provides a customisable application to control the workplace.


MerchantX provides IoT solutions for the retail and marketplace sector. Tracking a customer’s purchase habits, MerchantX provides a convenient platform to buy items that may be running low in stock, offers suggestions and provides options to the customer based on past purchases, and find the best deals for the customer. MerchantX also serves to drive value and increase sales for partnering retailers.


Reminders, suggestions, & notifications

Offers a personalized schedule for users in response to current conditions and changes in the environment

  • Unscheduled occurrences like weather conditions or traffic are taken into account, and recommendations are made based on current circumstances

  • Reminders and suggestions to improve daily life are offered, such as scheduling a gym session or watching a recently saved movie

  • Notifications regarding appliance status are shown in this dashboard to keep user aware of home conditions.

  • The user is able to accept or reject recommendations

  • The user is able to turn reminders on or off for better convenience.

Reziden Guide 1.jpg

Dashboard with energy & appliance data 

Offers a general dashboard of overall energy use and popular appliances. Mimiko will give suggestions for setting an energy consumption warning. 

  • There is a visual timeline of monthly energy consumption for the past 12 months to track progression. 

  • The dashboard also shows basic statistics regarding this month, last month, overall average, and a warning specification. 

  • There is also a frequently used appliances tab and a running appliances tab. 

  • There is a chart to demonstrate energy consumption by each of the most frequently used appliances. 


Status and Devices

Offers a specific overview of the different rooms.

  • Here, users can choose which rooms they would like to view and will be shown basic statistics such as motion, sound, temperature, humidity, and light intensity. 

  • With this information users granted access from <ACCESS & CONTROL> can then freely adjust the settings of their appliances in the room. 

  • In each room view, there is also a list of the appliances in the room, which users can turn on and off or adjust any additional settings. 

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Custom settings for scenes 

Offers a simple and easy way to mass adjust the different appliances at home depending on the status of both the users and home.

  • Scenes refer to the combined status of the users and home, such as ‘AWAY’, ‘MOVIE NIGHT’, ‘SLEEP’, etc.

  • For each scene, users can pre set the status of different appliances to increase efficiency.

  • After having made a scene, users can choose to activate those scenes without having to individually comb through the appliances to set their status.


Conditional actions

Offers a specific overview of the different rooms.

  • Here, users can choose which rooms they would like to view and will be shown basic statistics such as motion, sound, temperature, humidity, and light intensity.

  • With this information users granted access from <ACCESS & CONTROL> can then freely adjust the settings of their appliances in the room.

  • In each room view, there is also a list of the appliances in the room, which users can turn on and off or adjust any additional settings.

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Appliance data and status

Users are able to view and control every appliance in their smart home, all in one place.

  • One tab shows all the different devices in the home including their status. From here, each device can be turned on or off.

  • Details of individual devices can be viewed and settings can be adjusted.

  • Users can grant access to others, including family members, maintenance staff, etc.

  • The second tab shows the different tags that each device can be labeled to better organize the different appliances.


Appliance data and status 

Offers a view of home security & safety status.

  • This includes all the different home security appliances such as the door lock, the IP sensor, the video doorbell, and smoke sensor.

  • From here, users are able to set their appliances on and off as well as adjust settings to better suit their needs.

  • They can also add additional devices to continue to ward their homes.

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Appliance data and status

Offers a view of all kitchen related appliances and control remotely, preemptively decreasing any dangerous situations.

  • This will view all of the kitchen appliances and their status. Users can then determine if any action is necessary and then adjust settings. 


Appliance data, schedule, and stock 

Offers a view of laundry appliances, schedule, stock, and more to better assist users and increase efficiency.

  • This first tab of appliance shows the weather forecast for the next few days to help users determine the best days to run laundry. It also shows the appliance information and estimated uses left in laundry materials such as detergent, bleach, and softener. From this information, Mimiko will also make suggestions to restock on MerchanX.

  • The second tab shows the schedule of who set upcoming wash runs and when those laundry runs are set to.

  • The last tab shows overall history of the laundry runs.

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Room information

Offers different users control over the temperature across different rooms as well as breakdown of environmental conditions of each room.

  • Users are able to see the dust level, humidity, and noise of each room and make adjustments accordingly with their different appliances in <APPLIANCE>.

  • Different users residing in one home can set their individual preferences depending on their access status set from <ACCESS & CONTROL>.


Dashboard with energy & appliance data

Offers recommendations for energy consumption overall and for specific appliances.

  • There is a visual breakdown of different appliances’ energy use. • At any moment in time, the user can see the amount of energy in conjunction with target levels for monthly energy consumption.

  • Through the collection of data, users are notified of their predicted future energy use.

  • The user can set limits on energy use of each appliance.

  • Programs that minimize extraneous energy use are available, turning off appliances when users are not at home.

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Management for access and control

Offers an access management platform to control and view who has access to various parts of the home.

  • The first section shows any pending access requests, along with which rooms or spaces the pending person would be gaining access too.

  • The second section shows the family members and their respective access and controls to different rooms. There is also an option to add a new family member.

  • The third section is HeaLiot, showing the doctors, specialists, and health practitioners who have access.

  • The fourth section is MerchanX, showing service people related to the eShop, such as delivery man.

  • The fifth section is estate, showing management and staff access.