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Variantz Premiz Platform

Variantz Premiz platform is a cloud-based converged IoT ecosystem platform that provides sophisticated analysis to actively manage a building’s components more efficiently.  Our objective is to help you deliver a new generation of value added services to both building owners and tenants.


Cloud-based Platform for Smart Building Services

•Analyzing and leveraging various data of a building

•Monitoring and controlling devices and data in real time

•Managing a group if buildings and enabling the service to expand


Multi-Protocol Connectivity

Building Equipment and Sensor Data Collection Hub

•Supporting BAS (BACnet, Modbus,) and IoT (MQTT, REST) protocols

•Transmitting data from building equipment in real time

•Collecting and transmitting data from IoT-enabled sensors

Service Scenarios


Increased Efficiency and Centralized Operations for Building Operators

The solution integrates a number of building functions in a Cloud-based IoT Smart Building Platform that provides centralized monitoring and management.

Building management and energy management systems can all be integrated into a single cloud platform.  This enables building operators to monitor each of the element of a building remotely with ease and manage energy consumption more efficiently.


Energy Efficient and Comfortable Environment for Tenants

The system improves a building’s environment and functionality for occupants and tenants. Tenants will be able to view their energy consumption and other metrics informed decision based on the information they receive.  With context-aware technology, the system also helps tenants to adjust their environment to personalized settings for coding, heating and ventilation.


Building Energy Management System

For large commercial buildings or factories, smart building energy management system enables owners/operators to monitor and control all aspects of a building by collecting meter data from HVAC and forecasting utilities demand.  In addition to improving energy efficiency, it helps maintain clean, safe working conditions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.