What are SMART Homes?

A smart home uses one or more internet-connected devices to let you control and see what’s going on in your home, whether you’re in another room – or another country.


Smart home automation provides the comfort, safety, and security you and your family need to live happy and healthy. Don’t put your happiness at risk. Invest in a centralized home system that gives you the keys to a new level of control: the world of digitized, harmonized, and personalized homes. Smart home may be built from scratch with automation as the principle, through renovation, or simply DIY efforts.

In a smart home, you may be able to control and adjust your:

  • Lighting

  • Heating

  • Access

  • Security

  • And a whole range of appliances

…all at the touch of a button on an app, or even through a voice command.

Benefits of SMART Homes
  • Convenience


Smart homes give users remote access to systems including heating and cooling systems, intercoms, music, and multimedia devices throughout the home.  These technologies streamline everyday tasks into one easy platform.

  • Assistance

For elderly or disabled residents, a smart home may feature accessibility technologies. Voice-command systems can control lights, lock doors, operate a telephone, and many more. Home automation allows an individual to set a schedule for automatic tasks like watering the lawn, removing the need to perform these labor-intensive tasks on a regular basis.

  • Cost 

Running a smart home can prove to be cost-effective over time. Smart plugs, for example, can help you minimize energy waste. Furthermore, automated homes have greater market value than comparable homes with conventional technologies, making for a worthwhile investment.

  • Ease of Use

Smart homes provide greater efficiency when you're at home. Capabilities range from motion sensing lighting controls to moderating the temperature of the home before you return. All of these automated tasks give you superior control over your home.

  • Security

Smart devices can improve access and security around the home, through smart motion sensors, smart locks, smart doorbells and smart door contacts.

Variantz and SMART Homes

At Variantz, we offer many products that are SMART integrated as we wish to spread the importance and benefits that these products can make in many people's lives. We also offer support and advice on how they work and to integrate them within new or existing SMART home systems.

Unsure where to start?

Step 1

 Creating a new setup? Upgrading an existing? Make a list of your smart home needs.

Step 2

Explore Variantz product offerings. Directly order online or give us a call if you have questions.

Step 3

Receive your new product or system, consult us for set up or on your own if preferred. 


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