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What is SMART Integrated Care?

The future of health is changing rapidly, as health systems move beyond digital and connected systems , to fully leveraging the world of artificial intelligence and smart technologies.

At Variantz, we recognize that the future of healthcare is a blend of physical and virtual care, connecting patients via sensors and smartphones to clinicians, connected buildings and their health data.

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Benefits of a SMART Integrated Care
  • Assisting Diagnosis and Treatment

With the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, surgical robots, and mixed reality, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases has become more intelligent.


Based on smart diagnosis, the patient's condition and disease status are more accurately described, which helps to develop a personalized treatment plan.

  • Health Management 

The new health management model under smart healthcare pays more attention to patient self-management. It emphasizes real-time self-monitoring of patients, immediate feedback of health data, and timely intervention of medical behavior. The emergence of implantable/wearable smart devices, smart homes, and smart health information platforms connected by IoT technology provides a solution to this situation.

  • Disease Prevention and Risk Monitoring 

Disease risk prediction under smart healthcare is dynamic and personalized. It enables patients and doctors to participate, proactively monitor their disease risk, and conduct targeted prevention based on their own monitoring results. The new disease risk prediction model collects data through wearable devices and smart apps, uploads them to the cloud through a network, and analyzes the results based on big data-based algorithms to feed back the predicted results to users in real time via short message service. 

  • Virtual Assistants 

In smart healthcare, virtual assistants mainly assume the role of a bridge to communicate with doctors, patients, and medical institutions. They make medical services more convenient. 

  • Smart Hospitals

Smart hospitals rely on information and communication technology-based environments, especially those based on IoT optimization and automated processes, to improve existing patient care procedures and introduce new features.

  • Assisting drug research

With the application of big data and artificial intelligence in scientific research, drug research and development will become more precise and convenient. A complete drug development process includes target screening, drug discovery, clinical trials, and more. Automatic screening with AI has greatly increased the speed of this process.

At Variantz, we primarily offer health related SMART products and are currently working on our health platform WellNex. If you would like more information or learn how to get started, feel free to reach out.

CareSense for Baby & Childcare

Babysitters are expensive, may make mistakes, and cannot stay with a child at all hours. Given the unpredictable nature of children, it’s also extremely difficult to guarantee the safety of a child. CareSense integrates technology into childcare and helps you keep a better eye on infants and children.

CareSense for Elder & Silvercare

Taking care of the elderly can be timely. Utilize technology to take better care of the elderly. CareSense enables smarter care for the elderly by combining smart communication, automated environment adjustments and many more!