Smart Mobility: Empower Your Vehicles

Solutions that make the transportation of goods and people more efficient, safe, sustainable and cost effective.

  • Assist people with disability

    • Crossing the street: Our revolutionary new app helps pedestrians who experience difficulties when crossing the road. Once downloaded on to a smartphone, the service allows people to “hack” into traffic light systems. People can alert the traffic lights to their presence and request additional time for crossing over. There are different settings, allowing a pedestrian to select the option most suited to their level of mobility. What’s particularly clever about this IoT solution is the way it interacts with GPS and the software operating the traffic lights, demonstrating the importance of interoperability in today’s connected world. 

    • Reading surroundings: Furthermore, our platform is combining with artificial intelligence to create amazing services for blind people. The camera of a smartphone is used to describe what’s going on round a person. For instance, if a blind person was walking towards a busy junction, the service could tell the individual to stop. Furthermore, our app is able to tell the user how a person is feeling by reading facial expressions, which brings greater context to what is “seen” by the app or device, helping people better understand what’s around them.

  • Smart Parking Lot

    • Parking has become an Achilles heel in the urban planning scenario. Lack of parking spaces, as well as parallel parking, has heightened traffic snarls at important junctions in cities. IoT-based sensors in parking lots can give out real-time information about empty spots to cars coming from a long distance and looking for a parking space. Such sensors have already been installed in European cities like Paris, France, and Kansas in the US. They have all seen remarkable results with a double-digit percentage reduction in parking issues observed in the span of a year.

  • Road Safety

    • With the implementation of IoT technology, we can mitigate risks, prevent damage and reduce costs. The deployment of smart, connected sensors, combined with machine-learning-powered analytics tools, can enable us to gather information, make predictions and reach decisions that will make our roads safer.

    • Detecting road conditions: IoT road sensors can provide real-time data from roads to help divert the flow of traffic away from areas of hazard. Road sensors are going to be one of the most crucial developments that will take place in the world of transportation with the introduction of the Internet of Things technology. Road sensors can be easily embedded under the roads so that they can effectively measure the changes in temperature, traffic volume and humidity, among other weather and traffic constraints.

    • Traffic Lights: Traffic lights that use real-time data feeds are being used to smooth traffic load. Sensors mounted at strategic places can use IoT technology to gather data about high traffic junctions and areas diverting vehicles from these places. Big data can analyze this information further and figure out alternative routes, as well as better traffic signaling to ease congestion. Meanwhile, road-side lights can also work according to weather sensors mounted on them. Dimming of light happens not only as a part of the day-night process but also when weather conditions turn murky. Roadside light sensors can pick up these signals and turn them on and off accordingly.

    • Unsafe driving patterns: If a driver is operating his/her vehicle at an unsafe speed for current conditions, our IoT fleet management systems give people the data you need to quickly assess the issue and avoid any accidents.  Sometimes, the drivers may not have even realized they were operating their vehicle unsafely, but with real-time data from an IoT system people can address the issue before it turns into an accident.

    • Proper deployment of resources: For transportation safety officials and road crews, using the data generatedfrom IoT fleet management systems can aid in the proper deployment of resourcesto keep roads safe for all drivers, including their own crews.  In areas with heavy snow, properly allocating resources to roadways early on in a storm can result in more efficient road clearing and safer road conditions. Additionally, IoT data can be used to ensure that road crews have the sufficient equipment and resources necessary to safely clear dangerous road conditions or obstructions.  Fallen trees, flooded roads, and heavy snows can all be difficult to clear, and dangerous to dealwith when other drivers are on the road.  Proper deployment can alleviate some ofthis danger by ensuring road crews also have the heavy equipment and signal operators to safely operate.

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