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Smart Urine Analyzer

Monitoring Diseases by

Being a waste by-product secreted by the kidneys following blood filtration, urine contains various metabolites.  For this reason, urinalysis is used to detect not only urinary system abnormalities, but also endocrine or metabolic disorders.

What Licote is All About?

Through easy at-home self test for anyone, Licote is a multi-purpose smart analyzer for a variety of tests, including human urine test, pet urine tests, drinking water quality test, free radical tests, urinary tract infection tests, and kidney function tests.  It can be health monitoring at home, nursing homes, or medical facilities in isolated areas (e.g. mountainous areas, island, military base)


  • Easy test using a smartphone application

  • Quick test (6 seconds for 10 parameters)

  • Accurate and reliable test results (medical device dlass II approved)

  • Multi-purposed tests for humans, pets, water quality, etc.

  • One device for multiple users

  • IP 68 grade of waterproof function for water cleaning

  • The best health monitoring device

Where To Best Use Licote?

Need Expert Advice Choosing The Right Product?

Sometimes the cheapest product may not be the right bargain, and sometimes choosing the product with the most advanced powerful features may end up to be underutilized.  Whatever the case is, talk to our consultants and let's get you the most suitable fitting for your needs.

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