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Experience The Power of Unified Simplicity

There is no limit to how SMART INTELLIGENT IoT solutions can invigorate and spur efficiency for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.  More than just automation, this is a reflection of your values between time and space.

Life Gets Better with Variantz!

Suit Up Your Spaces With These Smart Devices

Variantz Buzz Pro video doorbell and Variantz Vue 5 are the basic essentials for any aspiring smart home, smart office, and even smart retail outlets!

Variantz for Consumer 

Now Everyone Can Enjoy The Best Of Smart Technology

The world has now moved beyond digital to be more connected, intuitive, and dynamic.  At Variantz, we are here to nurture, engage, and expand, with the ultimate goal of empowering you with greater control over your life, from smart living and smart health, to smart classroom and smart office.

Our devices, applications, solutions, and services are inspired from everyday life, experiences, dreams and more.  All creatively and thoughtfully designed, developed, and selected with one focus in mind > Connecting YOU to everything through an integrated hollistic smart platform.

Variantz Key Business Activities


Massive range of smart hardware built to sense and react with intelligent command seamlessly anytime, anywhere for consumers and businesses


From customized and personalized development, to cloud-based and embedded systems, our modular applications are built to be smart, connected, intelligent


Built from ground up, we incorporate advanced smart connectivity, monitoring, analytics, and reporting that meet demanding cross-functional operations


Leading through assessment, training workshop, to transformation and consulting, we meticulously profile and simulate adoption readiness, and interaction

Variantz for Business 

Don't Let Food Safety Go Mucky: How Variantz Muggy Keeps Your F&B Business Healthy

Food safety is the cornerstone of any successful F&B business. One instance of foodborne illness can not only make your customers sick, but it can also spoil your reputation and leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth thanks to potential legal and financial consequences.

That's where the smart solution comes in: Introducing the Variantz Muggy, your smart safety officer in food temperature and humidity monitoring.

Featured & Recognized Worldwide

Variantz Insights

NEX Up...

It's a MATTER of time!

Imagine a smart home where brands speak the same language, controlled by one app, and prioritizing privacy. That's Matter Protocol, the new standard breaking down walls between devices. This means easy setup, seamless connection across brands, boosted security, and a wider range of devices to choose from. With major players on board, Matter paves the way for a truly connected future, revolutionizing how we experience smart homes.

Smart is BETTER than Digital, and it's not the same

The world throws around "digital" and "smart" like synonyms, but when it comes to your front door, the difference matters. Let's unlock the truth behind these buzzwords!

Digital locks: Think of them as bouncers with a keypad. They rely on pre-programmed codes or keys, offering basic security but limited flexibility.

Smart locks: These are the Einsteins of security. They connect to your smartphone, letting you unlock remotely, share access with guests, and track activity. Imagine the convenience of granting access to the cleaner while you're at work. Most of all, smart integrates with smart home systems, creating automated routines for ultimate ease.

Remember, "digital" secures your door, but "smart" understands your life and tailors security to it.

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